• About the Artist

    Diane’s Designs is a business that was born from Diane Brown’s imagination. She saw the painting “The Story Teller” and knew she wanted that image pointing up her stairway. Of course, she altered the scene to blend with her home. After receiving so many complements, Diane realized this must be the business she had been seeking.

    Diane has always been creative. Sewing, carpentry, tiling, drawing, painting, gardening and designing are all uniquely expressed in her home. She had been pondering what business avenue she would take when she stumbled on painting murals. Sketching and faux painting are put together on walls. She also paints on masonite (a rigid type of canvas), wood, brick and etc.

    The picture is sketched in black and white on an 8 ½ by 11 inch sheet of paper. Once the sketch is approved by the customer, the colors are decided.

    Every painting is unique.